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Customize Registration Fields with New Miiduu App

April 21, 2016

Do you want to customize the registration fields your customers complete? You might want to ask how customers heard about you or gather other information which is not part of the standard Miiduu registration form. It’s easy to do with the “Custom Registration Fields” app, available in the Miiduu app store.

Simply grab the app and start customizing your registration form. You can add a field name and choose from text entry (customer enters a text response of their choosing) or dropdown. For the dropdown option, “add options” to create the dropdown choices you wish to display. After customizing, these fields will be part of your registration form and you will be able to see customers’ answers to these questions when you view their customer information.

Miiduu makes it easy to create and manage your online store, customized for your needs! If you have any questions, contact support.miiduu.com.