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How to Use Coupons To Grow Your Business

October 8, 2010

Coupons are a great way to drive more new traffic to your store, as well as keep your previous customers coming back! MiiDuu allows you to set up your coupons any way you want! You can do a percentage off or a certain dollar amount. You can also decide if that's on just one product, all of one type of product, or the entire order. Obviously, you won't want to overuse coupons. Your customers will get used to being able to shop with a coupon and will stop buying your product at it's listed price! You also don't want them too think that your product is too highly marked up. So be smart with your coupon campaign to get the most out of less. Need some ideas for good coupons? Try one of these!

Loyalty Coupon- Customers who have purchased a certain amount of your products or a certain number of times are given a coupon code for their next purchase. This will make your customers feel appreciated and will make them happy to shop with you again!

Referral Coupon- Customers who refer other customers get a discount. Maybe tell your customers if another customer writes their name in the order comments section, they'll get 10% off their next purchase? They'll be much more likely to refer your store to their friends!

Twitter or Facebook Coupon- Customers who follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook get a special coupon code. Post a message on your account announcing a coupon for all followers to be sent out after a certain period of time. This way, you can grow your following on your social media sites!

Newsletter Coupons- Customers who sign up for your newsletter get special coupons. This is great, because it keeps coming back to your site and makes more people read your newsletter! Just include a coupon code in your next newsletter!

Early Bird Coupons- The first however many customers to purchase an item get a coupon. You can set up your coupons to either only let each customer use your coupons a certain number of times, or so that the total coupon usage is restricted. Set one up so the first 15 customers to buy your new product get $10 off!

Create Your Own Coupon! These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking. You can create coupons for any occassion, tailored to your business. Get started with coupons today!