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Getting the Most Out of Your MiiDuu Store With Newsletters

September 27, 2010

Did you know you can use your MiiDuu Advanced or MiiDuu Pro store to send out newsletters to your customers?

Newsletters are a great way to maintain contact with your customers and boost customer loyalty. A customer might buy a product from your store once, but then forget what exactly it was called and buy from someone else the next time. Or maybe they haven't thought about your store in a while, so when a friend mentions needing something you sell, they don't mention your store. A newsletter is a great tool to help solve this type of problem. A newsletter is, at the very least, a reminder that your store is there when your customer needs it. If used correctly, however, it can be so much more than that. It should also be noted that if used incorrectly, you could do more damage than good. So let's go over a few DOs an DON'Ts of crafting a newsletter:

DO send relevant newsletters to your customers!

DON'T spam your customers! Daily e-mails are generally excessive, and depending on your product weekly e-mails can be a little excessive, too. Find a good balance for your particular store and customer base.

DO make it worth while! Include coupons or notices about sales or other things your customers might find useful. You might also include interesting or funny tidbits related to your industry. Better yet, come up with something new altogether that is special to your newsletter! You want your customer to have a reason to open your newsletters. After a couple pointless newsletters, customers are likely to just delete them without opening them at all, and if customers aren't opening them, you're just wasting your time and theirs.

DON'T send out just advertisements. The newsletter itself acts as an advertisement, so there is no reason to send an e-mail just to advertise your store. There is a reason it's called a newsletter and not an advertisement, remember to make that clear!

DO make your newsletter visually appealing! All the tools are right there to send out e-mails that look great! It will also be obvious to your customers that you put a little more time into it instead of just rushing through. This will make your e-mail stand out more in their memory as well. If you have HTML practice, you can make an even more unique newsletter by using the "Source" input option!

DON'T take it overboard! You want your newsletter to stand out, but not in a bad way! Make sure the colors aren't too overwhelming and the font is a reasonable size. Remember this is still a professional e-mail, and it should look like one!

In the end, what it boils down to is you want to provide the customer with a reason to visit your site, without annoying them. If you are spamming your customers with advertisements, they might remember you're store. They'll just be remembering not to shop there. If, on the other hand, you can consistently provide reasons to return to your store, as well as positive associations with your store, you will be able to really grow your business through just a few e-mails. Sign up for a MiiDuu Advanced or MiiDuu Pro Store today and get started taking advantage of this great feature!